You are bad at Free Sext! You're bad at Sexting! Read this!


Hey, what's up so today we're going to be doing you're bad at sexting. You guys have been begging me for another one of these and I live to serve you fans. So let's do it. I scoured the internet looking for the worst sex messages. I could find and here's what I found: let's do it first, we'll start with a really good sext message. Just to show you guys. This is actually like the best sext message I have ever seen: hey babe, I got an early birthday present for you. Winky face: is it another bottle of alcohol, better, a new video game, better? Her name is Brittany picture. I love you so much. That is a keeper keep that girl forever. Alright, she tries to break up with you. You say no, and you knock her out and tie her up and keep her in your fucking basement. Did you get my snapchat winky face? What was it my dick? Oh, I thought it was your thumb or power Nick with the tiny little dick hi Lauren Scott. Here hi, how are you this glorious afternoon? Good thanks you, my penis is throbbing. Actually it's quite unfortunate as I'm sat in a classroom, oh well, that is quite unfortunate. Tell me about it. I'M a teacher! Wait what the fuck, let's hope, he's not like a little kid stuff, fuck, it's wrong, no matter what I'm gon na be like! Oh, let's hope he's not a little kids teacher, maybe he's a high school teacher. It'S all fucked! It'S all! Fucked teachers should not be sexting during class and he was so proper about it. How are you this glorious afternoon what the fuck, what a creepy dude my cane is, is throbbing. Actually the pills are huge. You know what else is huge. We need ear. First, my love for Jesus Christ. Can I get an amen? You talk to her? No, I don't even know her ha ha ha ha better, not pictures. Remember it sure a dump bit. I don't talk to girls. That'S another girl! You want to keep see the first one you want to keep her because she's an awesome girlfriend this girl. You want to keep because she's going to cut your dick off. If you leave her I'm musical instrument your trumpet, what that's a horn, so I'm in a school band. I want you to wear my father's work suit and take me out to the shed to show me what happens tonight. Boy I'll put that on the to-do list. Sorry, I mean to say: hey autocorrect, am i right fucking autocorrect kind of make this guy seem like he's hot for his dad and spanking fucking autocorrect. You are really cute, the hang. What do you like, murder, dude buttholes, are like pockets like you, can store stuff up there and keep it safe? No they're not do not do that. He'S got a point. Okay, I don't condone shoving stuff up your ass, but he's right. The butthole is like the human's pocket. It'S like a built-in pocket for our body. What'S safer place, is there to keep something you love but up your ass, because how often have someone shoving hands up there? I mean if you're me like once a week we had sex, but it wasn't that great, because I had banana bread in my car and I couldn't stop thinking about it laughter, my ass. He was trying to be sexy in that. So what do you want? And I was like my fucking banana bread lmao, you know you're doing something wrong when you're having sex with a girl and all she can think about is the baked goods that are in her car she's like oh, oh banana, bread! What that's not my name, you tryna fuck. Why else would I joined tinder meet at Central Park in 15? Minutes promise. You don't have an STD? No! No! If you don't have an STD or no. If you don't promise, I don't promise y'all, ah totally shit. I think if there's anything, you should feel bad about yelling Yolo, I mean if you use the term Yolo, you should feel bad, no matter what, but, if someone's like, I might have an STD, I don't know and you're, just like Yolo put it in you've got Some serious problems: what do you want to do tonight? Suck my dick? I was thinking something more romantic suck, my dick in the moonlight and now finally we're at the last sex message of this one, and this is a long one. This is a father texting. His son okay, sit back and enjoy call your Aunt Linda. It'S her birthday. Okay, dad will do kick. Kick sorry hit the wrong button. What the fuck, how do you delete text photos? I'M sorry, son, that was an accident. Please delete Jesus Christ. Do not tell your mother just delete dad. You have a killer, dick, what what that's just a real good dick nice, please just delete and let's move on like I never really thought about your dick, but it's actually way nice. I anticipated okay yeah anyway. Just call Aunt Linda, well, trimmed pubes, good length and girth just the right about of chub for a dick pic. Bravo dad and when you stop talking about my penis, that was an accident. Listen! If I had a dick that night I'd send out pics to people too gained a lot of respect for you today, pop dick pic see, I don't think I really got all of your dick genes. No stop delete that! Maybe dick teen skip a generation like I've. Had decent length but girths, it's kind of lacking pubes are a lot curlier too, not a big fan of that. What is wrong with you, I think I heard your dick genes are based on your maternal grandfather or something stop texting I'll, send to mom and get her opinion. No do not do that. Come on mom sent me a badge pic last week. What what are you talking about what's wrong? Are you weirded out and upset? Yes extremely? What is going on? Well now, you know how I felt when my fucking dad sent me a dick pic, maybe be a little more careful with your goddamn penis in the future. Oh so you were kidding yes, you fucking weirdo. I was trying to scare you I'm your child. I do not want to think about your genitals, understood. I apologized good. You do got a killer. Dick, though seriously respect. Thank you hopefully shit. I see what this kid was doing, like the son was trying to teach his dad a lesson, but in the end you still sent your dad a dick pic on purpose. At least your dad's dick pic that he sent was accidental, but you whipped your dick out, took a picture and sent it to so now. You have officially exchanged dick pics with your dad. That'S just fucked up that's going to make for some really awkward family dinner conversations. Imagine if you guys are having hot dogs for dinner and me putting that hot dog in your mouth and the whole time hear me think about your dad's dick. I see what he was doing there, but you took that joke way too far, when you unzipped your pants, took your dick out, took a picture and sent it to your dad who took the joke just a little too far, but seriously man respect nice dick. But you know what, on the other hand, I kind of respect his commitment to the joke. I mean shit, he went all out and I swear his dad is never going to send a dick pic again in his fucking life. He'S not going to ever. Take a picture of his own dick again because he's going to be like no, I might accidentally send it to my on and then he's going to send me a dick pic. It'S going to be fucked up. This is just a fucked up situation. Once you have kids, that's the cutoff. You got to stop taking pictures of your dick, because this might happen to you. You hit the wrong button and accidentally took a picture of your dick and sent it. How do you you have to hit multiple wrong buttons for that to happen? What did all your clothes fall off? Your dick fell out. You'Re like oh shit. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit like that. Just doesn't fucking happen. So thanks for watching my you're bad at sexting video, I hope you enjoyed it. If you really do like this series, you want it to keep going then hit the like button down below support it by leaving some feedback in the comments. 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