Why Free Sexting is good for you


A new study reveals that sexting could actually be good for your relationship and thankfully they don't specify that you have to actually be in the relationship so get ready world I'm like dr. Ruth, but with what a mic to think-tank everybody today we're talking for the first Time ever about sexting, I think I think it's the first one we checked, we've ever talked about sex at all. It'S weird. It was a weird gap, a weird hole in our previous topics of discussion, but in a lot of ways, not necessarily on our channel, but in a lot of ways. Sexting has gotten sort of a bad rap. Obviously, parents are worried about their young kids, doing it. Priests are worried about it. People think that it might lead to cheating or might help people to sort of reconnect with their exes inside of a relationship. There'S a lot of fears, and so, thankfully, some scientists did a survey of like close to a thousand people. I believe, and they talk to them about their sexting habits and found that we probably don't have to worry too much. 82 % of participants reported. They had sex stood in the past year, the researchers report, while 88 % said they've done so at least once in their lives, and so look that's a lot a lot of people. The study participants go up to age 80. So all people Jesus your grandma to pretend she doesn't know how to use the phone. She sends some hot sanic pics, oh they're, awesome, and the interesting thing is that 88 % have done it 82. For you, John 82 % have done in the last year, and so people tend to like, apparently they keep going with it. Well now, let's talk about the context in which people actually do the sending of it. Is it just a thing that says supposed to follow up your first 10 tinder message? Perhaps not nearly 75 percent of the survey respondents that a sex it in the context of a committed relationship and 43 percent said they did so as part of a casual relationship. So more inside have committed than casual. Only 12 percent of the participants reported ever having sex stood in an illicit relationship. I think, if you're texting something, I think people sometimes put things out writing or on the internet that they probably shouldn't, but sometimes I think they have. You know kind of a filter and they know that they're gon na say something. So you would want to do it with somebody that you trust also your you know and Evon be more open about your desires and fantasies or whatever way that you're in a committed relationship or no itch. I really well, she likes you could text back. Let me just give you some more ideas of what you could say: yeah you can send them like. I'M at work be home in an hour. Let'S have sex missionary style for five minutes like we always do something hot like that, you get it going. Oh yeah. Can you I'm gon na okay? Now, let's talk about what effect it actually has when people participate in the actual sexting or snapfuck, and it turns out that it does depend on whether you're in a relationship or not what effect it's gon na have on you for individuals who are not in a very committed Relationship sexting is positively associated with satisfaction, however, for individuals who describe the relationship as being very committed sexting is unrelated to satisfaction. So the interesting thing there is, maybe they are actually sending the sort of text message I just described. Maybe it's not particularly hot, or maybe maybe it's like you know. I want it's more general, whereas early on, when you don't know each other as much, maybe it's more mysterious or you're more curious or something or you just send in like more dirty buns. Here'S my dirty, oh my gosh you're, like five years or something like that being with some be like you can still have a great sex life, but you're not gon na, be, like you know, at work, sending like the dirty text, messages that you probably did within. Like the first, maybe you show honeymoon, maybe you should yeah but yeah there. You can't there's no, there's only so many secrets that you had it's not like you're, five anniversary. It'S like baby. I know you thought you know everything about me, but I was hiding a whole. The whole time like do you know about each other by then, and it's twice as big and glorious as any of the others. Plus, it's got hair now. The least surprising part of this, perhaps, is that a singles about a quarter of the participants scored significantly lower on sexual satisfaction overall compared to those in a relationship. Well, yeah! That'S why people are in the relationship for the most part. So anyway, I don't. I don't find most of these results to be particularly surprised, except that the sexting overall does seem to happen inside of a relationship, even though it doesn't lead to much sexual satisfaction, which is sort of sad when you think about it. But it's probably unlikely to destroy your life unless you're doing it to untrustworthy people before the age of 18, which is actually a lot of people. Let'S come back on that yeah and don't get your phone hacked yeah exactly yeah and, like I know you take the pictures and you don't want to delete them, you don't want to lose them, but it's not safe to keep them on your phone. The sender than me I'll storm you ever need them I'll, send it back to you, but I'll never show anybody else see deal anyway. Thank you. Let us know what you think about this study. Oh, I should have been more specific.  

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