What You Need to Know About Sexting



Sexting can be an incredibly efficient and sexy form of foreplay, and a great way for couples to try out new concepts, textually. In truth, sexting isn't all that different from sex. The same rules for sex will apply to sexting most of the time. Do it with someone you're comfortable with, start slowly, respect boundaries, and pay attention to cues from the other person. Try to have fun while you’re at it!


If you’ve already had sex with this person, you can just talk about your experiences together and what you want to do next time. Start by bringing up sex in general and see how they respond can be a good way to hint what is ok to talk about and what isn’t. If it’s someone you’ve never met, try to initiate talking about how excited you are to meet them. Just try to dip your feet in slowly, see how they react, and use that to gauge whether its a go or a no-go.


Work Your Way Up
Dirty talk can be a little awkward for some people and not everyone is good at it or knows how to do it as gracefully as others, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Start slowly and easily then work yourself up to more descriptive and comfortable sexts.


Understanding Boundaries
Sexting is a good way for couples to explore each other's interests and can potentially be a way to introduce a potentially controversial fetish or topic, without having to do so in person. Just make sure whatever risque subject you may try to initiate won’t offend or disgust the other person. Make sure it is invited by treating slowly and asking about it first.

Pay Attention to Tone
Transitions are key. Pay attention to how they’re talking. Try your best to read tone through text, as it may be a little bit hard.

Audio or Visual Aids
If you are planning on sending nudes, make sure it is someone you really trust and keep in mind that these files will be with them for good.

Delete Delete Delete
Know and understand the risks of sending sexts and nudes. Make sure you both discuss what you would prefer to be done with your nudes after they’re done looking at them. Try to be respectful and erase them when you’re done.

Be playful and actually enjoy yourself. Make sure everyone is comfortable and keep it natural and enjoyable, while also fun.

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