What Is Sexting


Sexting means sending, receiving or forwarding your naked photos via mobile phone.  It was seldom used in early 2000s, but with arrival of Snapchat, Kik and trading nudes app; it has become a cool thing for millennial.

What you do is take off your clothes, flaunt your boobs if you are a lady or your dick if you are a man and send it to your loved ones; in return you can ask her/his explicit photo too. This way both of you can have fun in a secure way.

This cool factor has made Sexting quite popular among married persons as it gives them chance to spice up their married life.  As a husband, you can take your dick photo in office washroom and ask your wife to flaunt her boobs to you. She may blush, say no; but if you are persistent enough, she will surely send her nude pictures.   Remember, women thrive on adventure; sexting is the best way to turn into prince charming from her boring husband.

You may think of using Whatsapp for Sexting; however it should never be used for this purpose. Whatsapp doesn’t allow this. Better option is to download app sites especially for sexting purpose. There are apps like Freesextapp.com that allows you to transfer, share and forward explicit photos easily. There is no such threat of public embarrassment, outrage or getting blackmailed as all person present here are like minded. In fact, they would love to share photos with you. They are here of their free will, not of any peer pressure. Hence, you can have fun without any doubts or guilt factor.

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