Using a Free Sexting App to Flirt


Sexting is a part of the dating game that is making a comeback. Snapchat has been popular for a long time with teens and with younger adults, but it is an app that is starting to skew younger and younger. If you want your prospects to take you seriously and to appreciate your game, you need to take your game where the adults are - and that's on their phones for real, not in Snapchat.

Sexting is not just dirty flirting, it's a whole methodology that takes time to master. Yes, it's a little easier to sext now than it used to be, because you can do it without having to worry about strict character limits on your texts - and because texting is cheaper now than it was even just a few years ago thanks to the massive new limits on mobile accounts. But it's still hard to keep the mood going in text.

Free sexting apps can help you to get your game going, because you can message people on them and sext with people who are taking part just for that purpose. They don't want to have long conversations. They don't want to get to know people on a deep level, they just want to have some dirty fun.

Another option - as hilarious as it might sound - would be to start working for a sexting service yourself! There are lots of those out there, and you will be working alongside other people, with multiple people corresponding with the same customer, but pretending to be one specific person. You'll need to be able to read quickly to stay up to speed with the conversation, and you will need to be able to keep track of what someone likes and their interests, and have a good sense of humor too.

Sexting walks a fine line between being familiar and crude, between being well, sexy, and dirty. You'll need to use the right slang but be careful not to sound too over-the-top. Spelling helps.... nothing kills the mood like abbreviations that sound dense, instead of being a simple way to save time and keep a message short. Most people who sext don't want to read war and peace, and they don't want something so clinical that it sounds like it was written by their mother. But, they don't want something that reads like it was written by an angry forum troll who has never been on a date, either.

Remember that, within reason, there are differences in the genders too. What might get a guy all turned on because it's "getting down to business" might be too much "thinking about one thing" to a woman.  You can start with the "what are you wearing?" text and go from there. If she's wearing lacy panties, that's a good sign, and even better if she's not wearing anything!

Sometimes, the person you're sexting will be happy to let you lead, and will nudge you along by asking you what you're going to do next, or by saying they're feeling naughty. When they're letting you set the tone this is your chance to have some fun.

Sexting is a great way to keep a stream of messages going with someone that you know, and it can be fun as a way to pass the time until you have the chance to set up a next face-to-face meeting.

When you're learning the game it helps to have a lot of prospects on the go so you can try different lines and techniques. The more relaxed you are, the better.

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