Tips for Sexting Someone You Barely Know



Human courting rituals have changed drastically as technology and we, as people, changed. Which brings us to the topic of sexting, the act of sending racy electronic messages back and forth with a partner. It has become a make or break in a lot of relationships today.


Get Consent

Sexting can be a minefield sometimes, as unsolicited or unwelcome sexual messages will be considered sexual harassment. Getting consent is completely necessary, so make sure the other party is willing in participating before progressing. Try to read the tone of voice or test the waters through reactions of more suggestive texts without crossing a line, after you’ve maybe found out where to draw it.


Adults Only

If you’ve met this person online and haven’t met in person, you could be putting yourself in a really sticky situation. Sometimes asking for their ASL (Age/ Sex/ Location) isn’t enough. Take precautions and safety measures to make sure they are of age.



Loosen up, get comfortable. The advantage of sexting is you don’t have to worry too much about your current appearance as you can ready yourself for images but leave the rest for the imagination. If you’re shy, you don’t appear unconfident because it’s over the phone, making it easier to be a bit more confident.



There are lists of common sexting vocab and acronyms words to use, but they should be used lightly, as they’re only fun if both parties know what they mean, otherwise there will be confusion, not sexiness.


Don’t Rush

Sexting and dirty talk can raise sexual tension and be really fun but it can be easy to cross lines and say something weird, uncomfortable. So make sure to tread slowly and gradually increase the tension rather than going in for the dive.


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