Some Sexting Tips To Use Before You Dive In


It is undeniable that sexting is very weird for some people. Most individuals get the opportunity to text someone else dirty but refrain from doing so with the fear that it may look awkward. Well, sexting should not be hard and embarrassing for you if you get a few things right. It’s a risky, creative and one that entails a strong call to action kind of a venture that may either backfire on you or reap great rewards. Here is a beginners guide to sexting;

Nothing is Cast In Stone.

The first thing to know about sexting is that it is not a movie script that you have to follow. It is an art, and the sexts should be as natural as possible. You do not have to think for long before replying that risky sext. There are several internet guides to sexting that have listed some hot phrases that can be used to initiate an excellent sext chat, but these do not always work. You need to find your way of going about sexting depending on the other person as well. All the guides and examples of chats you will come along should only act as a guide to what you need to do when you get to specific situations.

Choice Of Words.

This is an essential part of sexting. A common thing that you need to know the right word when referring to is the female genitalia. Vagina or pussy? Depending on the other person, it is wise to know when to use specific words. Vagina is a bit old fashioned and more serious as opposed to pussy which is more casual and perfect for sexting. It is undeniable that pussy is more seductive than the vagina. The whole point of sexting is sending some dirty messages that you cannot shout them out loud with a straight face. The comparison between vagina and pussy is just an example, and the same criteria should be used when referring to other things, especially the sexual organs and sex terms. You do not want your sext to look like a statement out of a Biology class as that would only kill the mood.

Do Not Do It With A Stranger.

Thinking of sexting a girl you met in school last night? Forget about it. Do not ever start telling a recently met acquaintance how bad you want to get into their pants. You probably want to do that, and it is entirely understandable. There is no greater way of putting someone you just met off by immediately jumping into the sex lane. You need to establish certain connections and get to certain levels with the other person before thinking of sexting them.

You should avoid sexting someone you have never sexed before. Trying to get the digital sex before getting the real gist will only derail you. You have no idea what your partner likes about their sex, which may be entirely wild and not close to what you imagine before you do it. Be patient until you get to terms with their kind of thing before sexting.


Timing is everything in sexting. It is bizarre just to tell someone that you want to sext them without even setting up the mood for that. You need to start with a casual conversation and then find a perfect opportunity to introduce your sext. This way the other person will be comfortable with you and will naturally ride along. Proofread your sexts before sending them as autocorrect could be your worst enemy.

In a nutshell, sexting is all about being explicit and striking a balance between your daring and witty self. Your sexting sessions do not have to be a disaster anymore, and the tips above can help you become a sexting champion.

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