Sexting Tips That’ll Make You Sound Like A Pro


Sexting Tips That’ll Make You Sound Like A Pro

Sexting can be a little embarrassing and you could feel a bit bashful to read all the naughty

sexts that your partner has been sending you. You’re stuck and struggling about what to say as

well as how freaky you should get. Maybe you just really don’t know what to say or how to

respond. That’s fine! Here are some tips to get you started:




Emojis are a good way to make sexting a little more expressive as well as playful. For sexting,

the eggplant, cherries, peach, waterdrop and tongue emojis are the most used. They can help

express the feelings behind your words a little more and can add a little flirty spark to your




Gifs are like a mini video that repeat over and over, showcasing what you’re trying to say

through the video. Search for something relevant and scroll through your options and they can

initially help you show your partner what you want to do to them.


Alter Ego

Channel your inner sex demon to assist you and give you the courage to say the sexiest

thoughts you have. Make your partner want to come home and jump you now.


Voice Notes

Seductive and nasty voice notes can really elevate sexting to another level. Hearing your voice

after texting and looking at your amazing pictures will definitely send your partner over the top.

Hearing your voice saying sexy things to them will send them over the edge and will guarantee

immediate arousal.



R&B is basically universally known as sex music and always puts people in the mood. Get

yourself in the mindset for sexting by listening to some slow jams.


Masturbation and solo sexting is a thing! When you’re turned on or riled up, take some snaps of

yourself in the mood where you’ll look amazing and seductive. Keep these for your partner or

yourself, even if you don’t have any immediate plans for them. Find your angles without any

pressures on time, make sure you feel and look incredible. Self-lovin’ is the key to a healthy sex

life, so go at it!


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