Sexting Message to your Boyfriend or Girlfriend.


Don’t discard Sexting something as cheap. In fact, it’s a great tool to spice up your romantic life.   Just imagine you boss is screaming at you, asking you to stay back, you are desperately tired, won’t an erotic message from your GF or BF work wonder for you. At least, it will bring   fresh air in this toxic environment.


Most of the time couples avoid sexting. Not because they don’t like, they actually have no clue what to say, or you can say they are not so sharp with word. But, don’t worry;  you can take a look at following Sexting message that will definitely bring a smile on your loved one face.


For Girlfriend


·         Your smile spread lightness just like flowers spread fragrance. Won’t you send a smiling photo to me?


·         Feeling Cold. Please make me warm.


·         When was the last time we had a shower together.


·         Eager to see your hot pic. Send me now.


·         Tonight we will finish what we started.


·         Looking forward to give you a warm kiss when you come home.


·         Love Dinner is waiting. Please come home.


For Boyfriend

·         I want to fall asleep with your dick inside my body

·         Got sexy lingerie from market. Waiting for you to remove it.

·         I am getting wet just thinking about you. Please come home fast.

·         Want to feel your rough hands on my soft skin.

·         Looking sexy in exotic lingerie, shall I send you a pic?

·         I miss feeling you inside my body.


Send messages like that. For reference, you can look at Search Engine, you would find several sites with sexting quotes.

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