Sexting 101 Our Guide



Sexting is just another type of sexual communication.  It’s a way to flirt with your partner, to talk about what you like or what you want, to spice things up.  There is a common idea that sexting means sending naked photos of yourself… and while that can be what sexting looks like, it doesn’t have to be.  Try thinking of it as sexy, flirty talk over text.


Sexting is simply the combination of sex and text… Sext! Easy enough right? It’s a way to flirt with your partner, and spice things up in the ways that you might have lost it after the long years of being together. And it’s true that there’s a risk associated with sexting like you’ve heard many of times in the news, but we can assure you that it’s worth it!


Some adults believe that sexting is a kid’s thing and if you are able to have real sex, why would you replace that with a text? But that might not be quite true. People, especially adults, don’t have much time for themselves these days. A lot of time and effort is put into their work, which can make other aspects of life like the relationship and relaxation a bit hard to maintain. Sexting alleviates both of those problems, so it’s a good solution for your social needs!


Here’s a rundown of the benefits of sexting.


Flirting with your partner

Spicing things up

Pleasurable yet convenient

Bringing back memories and old feelings

Expressing your preferences in bed

Staying connected to your partner

Learning more about each other


What are the benefits of sexting?

It’s understandable that people aren’t completely used to the idea of sexting, especially for adults. You might have been away from the dating game for a while, and you’ve forgotten how to really care about someone else because you’re busy with other things. Sexting will help you to reconnect with your partner and lift this problem.


Being connected to your partner helps to maintain a healthy relationship. Research has shown that couples who are more willing to share their intimate secrets stay together for longer and are happier throughout the relationship.


Sex is an important part of a relationship, and as mentioned, we don’t always have the time or the energy for it. Being disconnected from our partner physically will slowly make widen the gap between both people. With time, this gap can become irreversible. If you feel like this is the case, you should look to reconnect with your partner, and sexting is a good place to start. It’s a form of communication rather than physical interaction, so you can use it as a way to express your thoughts and feelings about your partner. You can enjoy the time together like you used to, and it’s a good way to show your appreciation for your partner.


Be mindful of your partner’s needs though, as they might not be into it as you are and think that it’s awkward. It’s important that both parties are on board and are willing to be open about it. To make sexting fun, it needs to be engaging and deliberate. If one party is shy or don’t feel like opening up, it can ruin the whole experience, and you will end up feeling unfulfilled. However, when both parties are into it, you can bet that it’s an exhilarating experience that you will keep coming back to.




That doesn’t sound like us.

Every couple is different, and it’s understandable that some would see sexting as awkward and weird. It’s important that no one forces the other to do it, as that will take the fun away from it.


What if somebody else sees?

Privacy is a major concern when it comes to sexting because you will be sending your nudes and sexual texts to each other. You need to make sure you have security measures in place. Use screen block apps that block the views of onlookers, which will allow you to be the only one who can see the text. Also, you might want to use incognito chats and set up some sort of leakage protection for your texts. It may sound like the most unsexy thing ever, but it ensures that the risk-free sexy time will come later.


Is it legal?


As long as both parties are over 18 and consent to the act, there’s no law that prevents it. Sexting is not considered to be any different from regular texting, so it’s typically legally safe. However, if one party deliberately exposes this private conversation to harm the other person’s reputation, then there’s a problem.


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