Sexting 101 - Sexting Can Be Healthy


How Sexting Can Be Healthy


Whether you’re sending a couple of naughty pictures, a steamy video or even a dirty text about what you want to do to them, sexting is completely normal and healthy, even. It’s a great way to tell someone you’re thinking of them and showing your desire and attraction for them.

Try to speak to the person beforehand about their thoughts and opinions on sexting. Have a conversation about what they are and aren’t comfortable with. Sending and receiving sexual thoughts about one another can either be an arousing experience, or an awkward one. So discuss it beforehand. Make sure there is mutual respect, and that all parties agree on what happens with the pictures or videos. Discuss and respect ground rules.


If you and your partner are in agreement for some sexy conversation, decide together on your timing. Be open about your sexual desires and needs because, for some, it can be shocking or unappealing. Make sure these conversations will stay private and the way from anyone you wouldn’t want seeing it. Maybe find time before bed when no one is around or any time that either of you will be alone away from distractions. You may not even plan a time, and just go for it! If it’s a slow day at work and your partner starts texting you something naughty and you’re in the mood, go for it! Right then and there.


It can be a little strange when you first sext. What do you say? Complimenting your partner’s body and physical appearance is always a great place to start. Maybe start to slowly introduce fantasies you have and your favorite parts of them and what you want to do to those parts. Sexting is a positive way to build trust and a spark in communication as well. Maybe express some things you’ve always wanted to try but can’t or haven't in real life. As writing about your sexual feelings can be challenging, just get comfortable and say what you’re thinking.


Sexting is not only a great way to express yourself and get an almost instant reaction and possible reciprocation in the form of pictures or other media, but it can also be a way to learn more about your sexuality and what you like. It can open up new worlds to you and you might figure out you like something you never thought you’d find sexy. Sexting can make you feel a little less uncomfortable with real-world sexual interactions and you might just be a little more confident the next time you find yourself in bed with someone. Enjoy yourself and keep sexting as long as you’re safe, secure and both parties are consenting.

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