Sexting 101 - How To Level Up Your Dick Pic Game


Before you decide to send your lucky lover a perfect shot of your junk, make sure that it is consensual and that the person has made it clear that they are attracted to you. If they aren’t, a snap of your stiffy could be a huge turn-off and kill the mood completely. Here are some tips on taking great dick pics:

Make Your Member The Main Event

The focal point should be on your dick. That's what they want to see, so give it to them. You will want to be strategic with your angles and the positioning, so don’t be afraid to get creative. Let other body parts contribute and show off what you got by choosing flattering angles. Use your free hand in the shot, as well. Don't be shy about slipping in some good body shots, boasting what you have to work with; there's nothing wrong with showing a little bit of nipple.

Shaving Is An Option

Although body hair can be quite sexy, it is best if your penis isn't completely hidden underneath a bush of pubes. It does not need to be completely bare, but it is definitely good to give yourself a little trim before sending a picture for someone to see. A little bit of upkeep, or even just a tight and short trim would be good. Total hair removal can also seem to add an extra inch to your schlong.

Considering Lighting


Natural light is always a good idea. Make sure that your neighbors aren't watching or walking by if you do open your curtains for some extra lighting. If you are taking this picture under poor lighting conditions, you will just have to make do with whatever lighting you have available. You don’t need studio lighting for an incredible dick pic, but try to avoid using flash or just the tiny light of your electronics. The fluorescent light will only bring out those little flaws and bring attention to veins that you wouldn't want to stand out in your picture.

Little Details Matter Too


Most dick pics are taken from the comfort of one's bed or even in the bathroom. Just be sure to check that the background of your image isn't showing off your dirty floor or something else that might turn your recipient off. Be sure to situate yourself in a good location with decent lighting as well as nothing that will distract the viewer from the focal point of your picture - your member.

Go Hard or Go Home


If you're going to be showing someone your schlong, you will want to impress them. There is no reason for you to be sending anyone a picture of your flaccid penis. You want to wow them, and you want them to want more just from looking at this naughty picture you're sending. It is best to take the picture when you are fully erect. So once you’ve given yourself a little trim, found some great lighting, gotten yourself hard, and put yourself in a good location for the image, go ahead and do your thing! Keep in mind that you want the other person to get turned on by this picture, so use your common sense and go with what you think will be sexy.

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