Sexting 101 - 5 Rules to Follow When Sexting


If you’re looking to enjoy a sexting session, you have to have boundaries that both parties agree to. Sexting should be fun and exciting, and it’s an experience that both sides enjoy. To help you have both a safe and enjoyable sexting experience, you have to follow these five golden rules:

Lay down the law

First off, you have to make your expectations clear so that there’s no confusion to begin with. If you’re okay with seeing bulges but not a full-blown unsolicited dick pics, you have to let your partner know. Don’t assume your partner will have the same set of standards because that’s nearly impossible.


If you want something to happen, tell your partner so. If you don’t like something they’re doing, be sure to let them know. For those people who get frustrated with you being cautious and thorough, it’s safe to say that they deserve a block. This is something you want to enjoy, and if they’re not complying to how you would like to sext, you shouldn’t waste any time on them.

Start slow and pick up the pace

Like real sex, sexting needs a good build up before you reach the climax. If you rush things along, it’s not going to be fun for either party. You want to start off slow and show your sexy side, but nothing else. See how badly they want it and talk to them with suggestive messages all the way through. That’s how you craft a sexy sexting experience.

Try to go further

Once you have an established set of rules, you can play around with those rules a little bit. Sexting is the time when you’re acting out your fantasy, so you shouldn’t be grounded by your normal standards.


If you want to get freaky, you can be as freaky as you want, as long as you build up to it and that the other party wants to play along. This will help both of you to get into the full swing of things, and once you’re comfortable with that, you can look to go even further. Remember, you’re the ones who set the limits, so go crazy if you feel like it!

Be creative, be sexy, be playful

Sexting should be fun, so you want to make sure that you’re enjoying yourself. You can look to use suggestive, sexy photos to compliment your texts, but make sure you don’t show your face or discernable tattoos. Emojis are also very popular in the sexting community, as they can be used to tell a story without having to say anything. What’s sexier than a scenario you make up in your own head? Not very many things, we can tell you that much.


It’s okay to say no

Sexting can be awkward for those who are just starting off, so you want to make sure you both understand the pace you want to be at. If you don’t like something or if you don’t feel comfortable with the sexting experience as a whole, it’s okay to say no. You have to remember that every time your sexting, as your enjoyment is just as important as that of your partner’s.


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