Reasons Why You Should Try Sexting


In this digital age of online dating, some people are a little hesitant to sext someone they may have met online or even someone they’ve been dating for a while. Sexting can be awesome, and safe! Here are some reasons sexting may be an awesome way to better your relationship:


Another Form of Foreplay


Foreplay can be exciting for everyone. It can warm you up for when your partner gets home. You can tease your partner and prepare them for what’s about to come. Send them a naughty text or a sexy photo of you waiting for them to get there so you can please them.

Explore Your Fantasies


Everyone has sexual fantasies, some more kinky than others. If you have ever had something that might be a little embarrassing that gets you off, maybe explaining it textually will help you gain the courage to tell your partner. Feel freer sharing your fantasies and see how your partner reacts as sometimes people are braver over text about things they would never discuss in person.

Feel Desirable

To have someone sext you all the things they love about you and want to do to you all day long really takes your confidence up several notches. When both you and your partner are sharing all these goodies, you’re making each other feel hot, sexy, wanted, and adored. Everybody wants to feel desirable.

Spice Up Your Relationship


Even if your relationship hasn’t gone dull yet, you can always elevate it. Naughty photos and dirty words are so hot, you won’t be able to get enough of each other.


Communicating with your partner will only bring you closer, even more so when it’s sexy behavior. Sexy texts are something only for you and your partner to share. It can be quite sexy to have a secret. The openness of your sexual fantasies being shared, and the trust involved in sending your partner a nude photo really bonds you two.

It’s Good Fun


As long as you always keep your phone locked, don’t lose your phone or accidentally sext your mom, sexting your partner is a lot of fun. Your partner is going to be stoked and you should definitely give it a try.

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