How to Sext like a pro!


All right everybody we're gonna cover sexting today, okay, now your the thing sexting is fucking, amazing. If you do it right and if you're wrong, you can really fuck things up for yourself, so we're going to get you cover, so that doesn't happen. Okay, first of all, what is sexting. Okay, sexting is basically just turning a girl on over text or, if you're, a chick you're. Turning a guy on or maybe another girl on who the fuck knows. Okay, this is Vegas baby anyway, um sexting is not. You send a girl, a dick pic. Okay, so don't do that shit. Like dude, I sent a dick pic like once a year and 99 % of the time to grow that I've already slept with okay. So if y'all think sexting is some your old dick pics you're wrong, and you are simply showcasing the fact that you have no fucking experience with girls whatsoever. Okay, a lot of you guys that are trying to skip to the end at being. All vulgar like I just want to put my dick in you yeah right, show me your tits. That kind of thing it's like same thing, you're showcasing your complete lack of experience with women. Okay sectioning is about putting a woman through the full experience. Okay and you don't skip to the end. You go first base second base third base. Fourth base. Okay and you paint everything in a very sensual and descriptive fashion, okay and newsflash for y'all people watching; okay, guys that have a lot of sexual experience that have had sexual partners. Okay, we start to enjoy the same things that girls are when it comes to sex. Okay, we don't want to skip to the end, we're not like it's not like that. For us, we want to sort of break everything down and experience everything at the same pace and rhythm, as, as girls end up wanting to experience things that at age, like 18, when they get Seewald bullshit okay anyway, two main prerogatives is sexting. Okay, depending on one thing, have you or haven't you slept with this girl before okay, I know a lot of guys are like. Yes, I'm going to get this girl's phone number off the roster at work and send her some sex from without a word and I'll fuck that girl, okay, don't do it right! You need to have some sort of established familial vibe with this girl before you start sectioning her, so don't get that girl's number off their roster to work and start sending her some creeper texts, because I will have no sympathy for you. You are putting a girl through a creepy, perverted, weird experience, and she does not deserve it. So don't do it okay, anyway. First style is what I team d-mort erm, the Blitz okay, and this is the idea that you don't know this girl that well, you haven't slept with her. Maybe you got a phone number off plenty of fish: tinder Facebook, the party the club last night and you're, like you know what, if I can just sort of short-circuit her emotions and get a round up I'll, go over there tonight and fuck her okay. This seems to be like the the fantasy for a most guys, are getting into sexting or want to learn sex. To be able to do and don't get me wrong, it can work. There will always be a fill rate, though. Okay, there will be girls that are really into you and they might even sex with you and then they're like ooh. That was fun, but I'm not going to hang out with you now, because you've played way too many sexual expectations on me, and I can't perform at that level at the drop of a hat so understand that some girls you'll just scare them away. Okay, but you want to keep going with this. Well, so will i okay, so the Blitz all right now, just like in football, you can't blitz the quarterback, if he's not there, okay, so these girls that you're trying to get all riled up with some sex and then go over there. You have to know her logistics beforehand, okay, so be having a conversation with her beforehand Gallo, and this is step one by the way of the Blitz yo. What are you plans for later and she says I got nothing going on I'm bored, I have nothing. It gets cold out, it's there's no parties. Tonight, it's a fucking, Tuesday, ding-ding-ding she'll be available because here's the thing - let's say you do start sexing with a chick. She is all getting all hot and bothered and you're like fuck. This I'm coming over. Where you add she goes, I can't I've got Bible study with my mom tonight. Okay, you have fucked up all right because not only have you put in all that work created all that momentum, I may don't want to do it, but now she can't and so she'll wake up the next day being like what the fuck did. I do. Okay. This is something that a lot of us guys deal with women get regrets, we call it buyer's, remorse, okay, and it's because society as a whole has sexually shamed women into oblivion. Okay, so they're always questioning themselves and doubting themselves as far as you know, what they did did they go too far? Does this guy think I'm a slut? Is he going to tell his friends my friends what's going to happen here and, to be honest, that's not sexy! So if this happens with a chick just understand it like how that's sex, she doesn't feel the same way anymore. Okay, so anyway know that she's available. Okay step two segue and do it correctly? Okay, I tell my guys a couple of main styles um, I hint at it and i bait him. Okay. I know I hey. I was thinking about you earlier. It was kind of hot dot, dot dot next text, but I don't think you can handle it. Okay, that's two texts and what it's doing is, of course no girl wants to hear that she's not ready for it right. So she black yeah, I am and boom you've got her okay, so you basically baited her. You know to be complicit to what y'all got going on. Okay and the next consideration is to make sure you go through all the steps right. My girl, I'm gon na I'm gon na. Take you I'm going to pick you up, I'm going to throw it on your bed and you're being very descriptive and central about the experience you are going to put her through okay and then this is the last step of the blitz. You have to fucking end. It, okay, you can't reach some sort of climax or let things Peter off. You have to be like you have to like it's almost like you've lost control like okay fuck, this I'm coming over right now, where are you and because you created this momentum and then cut it short? That'S gon na make the girl, like, oh my god, alright, I'm here right and she feels like she sort of isn't control of this cuz. She did this to you. You can even say look what you did to me. I can't believe you did this. Okay, it's fantastic works. Great I've had plenty of my guys, students, friends, who ever just copy and paste my x2 a girl get these girls turned on and then they go over there and they fuck them. Ok, so it it does work alright and another one. Another style of introducing the Blitz, it's sort of like neutralizing or trivializing, just the idea of it right, like uh like you're such a brat. You owe me some sex like what you got and you're sort of like neutralizing, any sort of discomfort or the idea that this could get awkward because you're just making it you're, basically saying I'm so casual about it. Let'S just do it and see what happens? Who gives a fuck, ok and girl? Girls generally will jump on board with that. Okay, now that's one style, the Blitz, the the way I Jews sexting is to definitely get a girl turned on definitely get me on her mind, but to basically just remind her of the awesome times her and I have already had together, okay and I'm telling you Guys, some of you who have had have slept with a girl gotten sexual with her the first time and then the second time you guys hang out and like wait. A second I thought we were past is wise. It'S go acting all cold and resistant to me. It'S because she's not ready women generally speaking, they need to get turned on over a period of time, whereas us guys, you know, met Lois at the time we are just kinda like a light. Switch like I'm fucking ready. Are you or you're not ready? Well, what I got to do that sort of thing, so you can use sexting to get her ready beforehand. Okay, so I'd be, like you remember when I, when I addressed you last night and kiss you between your legs, she goes yeah and I'm like just checking right little things like that. Just get her riled up, get her thinking about you and also set the frame that you're the one in control: okay, the biggest the most common um. You know social narrative governing a woman's sense of romance. Is this idea of getting swept up off her feet? Okay, your section needs to follow that same rhythm. I got this I'm in control, I'm going to do this to you. If you've got that like that flow that, like this is going to happen, then I'm going to do this to you. Women super appreciate that you cannot Bank on the woman to carry it. Okay, let me fucking tell you women, aren't that good at sexing they're. Not I mean I don't know, I don't know what's up, but it doesn't really happen at all. Often so you know us guys got to step up and carry it okay. A couple more things I want to say I already mentioned it. Dominance is one major frame. I use okay, I also use, like the whole bad boy frame. Like sorry girl miss to sinner. I lose control around you. I don't know what to do. It'S all your fault. Girls, love that shit. I almost feel like it's more like they're, projecting that onto me more than I'm actually trying to like create that. Okay, the last one I use is the teacher student. Oh, my girl, like you, were good last night, but I'm gon na I'm you're gon na get all A's and once I'm done with you, okay, and that also builds a lot of sexual compliance right up. Like oh he's, the teacher, I'm the student he's going to give me blowjob lessons like that sort of thing. Fucking, awesome and - and like I mentioned guys, you do not be shy, you're not be timid. You make this go down, you don't skip any steps first base. Second base third base. Fourth base be descriptive. A girl wants to know that it's not just about getting you're naked, getting it in getting it done, getting it out, that's crap, okay, just and - and just so you guys know if, if that's the vibe you're giving off you're you're just showcasing the fact that you're Just kind of a innocent idiot that doesn't have a lot of experience right, so you got to slow things down, you'll get to a point to where you naturally are that way you might as well jump shower that process and make it reality now cool. Alright. Last thing I want to say is there: is some troubleshooting? That'S got to get done. Okay, I've been in the scenarios where you know a woman says she's ready. We haven't met up yet and we start sexting. She even sent me some some some risque, not a pictures and the next day, she's like oh, my god. I can't believe like that happened, and I've got examples of that and how I handled it and I'll have those on the website. 


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