How to Sext a girl or boy


You have logged in and want everyone to hear you or exchange photos with you. Isn’t it? Well, then you should say something sexy to make your guy or girl respond you instantly. Well, it’s not that easy, after all thinking and writing message requires some effort and nowadays youngsters have no idea about poetry.

But don’t worry; you can still impress your desired partner through sexy/romantic words. Take a look at some cool sexting messages for both (boys and girls) so that you can have a basic idea  of writing stuff.

For Girls

Always remember girls do not want to be treated like a piece of meat, means saying sexy words without knowing her will yield you no response, instead try to be romantic and see how many girls would oblige you with naked pics.  Words you can use while Sexting your GF are

·         You are like a breadth of fresh air in this materialistic world.

·         Your sweet lips are like red roses whom I like to taste

·         I wake up in morning and my dreams are full of you. You lying in my arms and I saying cozy words in your ear

·         You look so beautiful without clothes, wish I was there and make you complete woman. Trust me you are far more beautiful than models and showoff girls.

These are some of the texting message that you can send. For reference, you can search in Google, you will get an idea.

For Boys

Unlike Girls, boys do not like mushy stuff; they are more into sex; so as a girl you have to be little bit naughty to draw attention. Sexting message you can use are

·         My lips are dry waiting for your sweet kisses.

·         Last night you came in my dreams, showered me with sweet kisses, licked my juicy bosom, I wish it could happen in real.

·         I want someone to rip my panties off, spread my legs, enjoy me in best possible way.

·         My boobs want to be loved.

Take a look in Google for reference.  You will have an idea what to send.


Bottom line is that sending pictures only won’t work in Sex apps. Add some words, make it spice and see how people respond to your photos.

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