How to Have Safe Sext Like a Pro


How good a sexting experience depends on how you approach it. It has to be carried along sensually in order to not be awkward and result in one side being shown an unsolicited image of a you-know-what. To not let your sexy time turns into a session of sexual harassment, here are some tips on how to sext properly.


Safe sext

Not everyone is familiar with the idea of sexting, and it can be really strange for a first timer. You might not know how to get into the mood when you can’t hear or feel the other person, but the most important thing to consider is the safety of the chat. You are sending out precarious texts and images with your face attached to it. Be sure that you are talking to someone trustworthy to avoid having your pictures and texts leaked to somewhere you don’t want them to be. Also, be sure to encrypt your chat and everything in it so that those who come across it can’t get access to it. Now that you are all covered up, let’s get to the fun part.


Don’t force it.

The mindset you have to have when it comes to a good sext is that you need to be openminded and go with the flow. However, you need to know your boundaries. Every transaction of images and sexual advances need to be accepted by both parties. Everything that in a sexting session needs to be consensual, just like regular sex. Now that you’ve established yourself with your partner (or partners *wink wink*), you can start to make your moves. Know your and your partner’s boundaries and work with them.


Use an app if you’re serious about this.

Again, you are putting your body out there, so you need to make sure that you are completely safe. If you’re really going for the full videos and shots of your body, you might want to look into using a different app. On an iPhone, there’s one called Privates which actually lets you block screenshotting and set pics to expire. On Android, Signal allows you to disable screenshots, too (but not on an iPhone!). Bleep is another good one, available for both Android and Apple operating systems.


OK, back to business.

People can’t always be in bed all the time. We need to get out there and do things otherwise we can’t enjoy the fine things in life (like sexting). Make sure that your phone has some sort of protection against curious eyes if you decide to open a chat in public. For example, IOS has an invisible ink option, which hides the text from being viewed in any other angle than from straight down. But you really should use a nude app. They provide the best protection for you and your partner so that you don’t end up seeing your full frontal somewhere you don’t want to see.


Don’t show your face.

Lastly, you can’t be 100% sure that your sext is safe, so the best thing you can do is to at least hide anything that can identify you like tattoos, scars and, most importantly, your face. A leak can happen, and you don’t want your face to be attached with a nude leak.


Remember, safety and consent are the most important things you need to establish before any sexual experience with a partner. Now that you know how to keep yourself safe out there, it’s time you go have some fun!

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