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Dating is not what it used to be. And while many people still like to go out and try their flirting skills in person, the other half of society is searching for a date via an app. In fact, there are people using the best sext app right now, and taking their dating relationship to a whole new level. But what is sexting and how does it influence the way dating takes place in the modern world? By the end of this article, you'll know exactly what all the hype is about, and you'll get some advice on what to keep in mind before using it. So, are you ready to step into the modern way of dating yet?

Sexting Defined

Contrary to popular belief, sexting has been around for quite a while. And if you want, you can see it as an evolved version of phone sex, which is probably something you caught your parents doing, making you vow to never use a telephone again.

Now, since texting has become so readily available, you know there were a few people out there, sending naughty messages. And this habit only got better when video clips and pictures could be added. So, in essence, sexting was probably "conceived" in the early stages of texting, and if you really want a basic explanation, sexting is text with a sexual undertone.

Some like to think of it as virtual sex or even cybering, seeing as sexting is not exclusive to a single device or platform. As long as it is a text message and sexually explicit, you're sexting, whether it happens on your laptop or on your phone.

Why All The Hype?

If sexting has been around for a while, why all the sudden hype? Well, as it turns out, people really started enjoying it. And the more they enjoyed it, the more it became a "thing". This led to platforms and apps being created, giving these people a common area where they can meet others with the same naughty interests.

On some of these platforms, you have the option of going on a date with the person you end up sexting with, while others keep it basic and straightforward.

You get to choose how deep you want to go down this digital rabbit hole. 

Some Things Newbies Should Consider

If the idea of using the best sexting app has caught your interest, here are some things to remember before setting up your profile.

The Pros

- It's an easy way to meet people:

This is a benefit that doesn't need much explaining. If you struggle with social settings, sexting is a great way to start socializing.

- You get an idea of what the other person likes:

Unfortunately, this pro comes as somewhat of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you can use sexting to discover how compatible you might possibly be on a physical level. Check the cons for the downside.

- There isn't so much pressure

With sexting, you get to have a little more confidence, especially in terms of "approaching" other users. For the moment, you are not hampered by what you feel are your physical faults.

- It can be used by long-term couple to spice up their intimacy

Just like phone sex and taking on different personas, sexting can work wonders for couples who need a boost in the bedroom.

The Cons

- It can set unrealistic expectations

Just because the sexting is good doesn't mean the physical sex is going to be the same. In fact, some people suggest only sexting after you've had sex.

- It can get a little dangerous

If you are in a relationship, you want to get the rules straight about sexting. Not everyone regards it as being unfaithful, so talk to your partner before using it.

Yes, dating has come a long way from milkshakes and watching movies at the drive-in. It's a lot hotter and much easier these days, and you can get in on the action when you use the best sexting app.

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