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What'S up guys, I share now I'm gon na teach you guys one of my ways of how to get nudes now getting nudes is like one of the easiest things ever for me because, like I'm Josh or Percy in real life, you know I'm saying I'm like The guy who can get I'm like a demigod to hose you know, I'm saying I can get nudes like that, I'm not being cocky and I haven't tried my technique lately, but when I was single, why I technically I am single, but I do have someone. I don't can't explain it: it's just a big ass mess, but when I was getting news like the easiest thing possible, not getting nudes can be depicted all depends on the girl. Sorry, the girls I'll talk to her, like I have low as standards hashtag lower centers to find love in 2014, like I have the lowest standards of life. So, for me, getting nude is the easiest thing possible now now, if you want to get news from a fine girl, good luck! But if you like me and go for like the ugly chicks with like nice racks or a nice ass, this, then that this video go apply so you're not getting nude. All you have to do really is talk to them in a freaky way. Make them feel special, like the girls big bone, like events of fat, chicks or whatever make them feel beautiful as possible. Coming in the manu like saying that you, your perfectly structured, y'all, god made you this way for me, you know the way I get nudes is so messed up, but it's so good when they send them boob shots or what all that titties hanging out fat, booty Juice vagina juice leaking from there getting them soil ly wet like Hurricane Katrina. I grande get you wet in like zero point eight seconds. It'S ridiculous dog like an almond telling I'm gon na, come clutching. The vid. If you want to get new is not if you do get nudes, please, you know email them to me and show me what you got cuz, I probably not. I we could trade news or something you yo cards back in the day. I can trade you some news for saying your news and I'm stands yeah. Okay, but let me get back on topic so getting neuter talking to girls at night, I'm ready video called the sexting, no  free sext app 101, the dick pic etiquette. This should be called sexting 101. How to get nudes now getting nudes, as I stated, is the easiest thing possible now when target it all depends on the girl, like I said so, if you're talking to a skin and goes like insecure, Oh easy target, again news, so damn easy to get moods From an easy target book I mean a girl, that's insecure, because I don't stay you're, beautiful, you're, beautiful your bodies, video. You show off your body wink face, but you got a flirt back man. You got to be a smooth talker, so I advise you to go on tumblr type in um, smooth, talker or typing. So, oh, how to talk to girl. While you should watch my videos how to talk to girls, but how did Loki talk to girls that are from at freaky cuz every girl's, a freak? I don't care, especially church hero, so you want to you want to stay man. You want to talk to church girls, but those are the three keys of them all. They are willing to send nudes to anything with a living dick, I'm telling you dog. This happened to me like, oh man, it's not hard getting these from a freaking girl. It'S I mean for the church girl, it's not hard at all, but overall, I'm trying to tell you guys getting new disease. All you have to do is be upfront flirtatious as possible and make sure you do it between the time of 1030 through 136 a.m. okay. So you get, you got 10 p.m. to 1:30, 6 a.m. that's the prime time. Foreign girls are like horny and finger popping themselves. Now, I'm telling you dog this video will come in handy when you're trying to get nudes not getting nudes. It'S so damn easy. It'S so easy, you know, got ta put a bullsh ad strip game that I stupid dumbass idea to come up with a strip game to get. No L don't got time for that today. Trying to censor me they trying to see some dick now what I do when the grass for nudes back now. This might seem very gay. I know this may seem gay, but I go on tumblr I type in black hawk and I still a picture off tumblr. Then I send it to them. Oh nigga, you gay! That'S how that's how that's another way you can get new cinema pic life. They ask for news. First, you obey okay, so you go on tumblr, close your eyes find a dick pic that looks similar to your dick. I don't know the girls like guys with mushroom tips me personally. I have skin covering my junk, but it's not too much skin is like it's like it's like right there like it, there's no overlapping skin. Oh shit! Is this it's a perfect cute little dick! You know it's not little. You know I'm Sam, but you shot game. Exhaustion making yourself seem bad, but that's what I do had that's how I get um. I don't. I don't obviously save the day pics in my phone. I just go back to tumblr, but yeah. That'S how I send a pic, so I don't send a person less. You might um be GPG f, which is my wife. That'S him maybe separated, but we're still married shit, so yeah only the ever since did pics 2. So on pretty much that's pretty much the commentary guys on how to get nudes. I mean it's not hard. It'S really not hard to get nudes I have to do is don't be too damn concerned with the girls like you, don't want to come off too strong with it just blegh what kind of panties, where you know shit like stuff, like that, you know I'm saying So maybe hopefully that'll help you with all in all getting news. Hopefully if they don't help, then hit on my starboard email advice. Now we'll go more and detailed in the texting type way of how to get nude, but it's been. I love you guys. Thank you for watching, and I am out peace like girl. You got one bright future, I'm a boyfriend's nightmare, Freddy Krueger! What'S a good, so I busted with a burger bag. I'Ll show you Hut shoe, you beat the pussy. Let'S go. Boom boom get little ole ice melt away, got the squares on the fucking number pepper strange. It'S a guy work on away it's! I got work on Free Sext App


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