13 Real Free Sexting Fails


My dad sent my mom a sext while I was still in the group conversation.

Someone just tried sexting me. I panicked in sent him a bunch of pictures of Will Ferrel.

I once found my parents sexts. The most disturbing thing was they're better than mine.

I was sexting my boyfriend and stopped because I wanted to eat a piece of cake.

Welcome to my priorities. Did I really just use the line I want to ride you more than I wanted to ride Space Mountain when I was 12 I suck at sexting Jesus Christ.

I stopped sexting my girlfriend because of her poor grammar.

I was mad at my brother, so I changed his girlfriend's number to my mom's number on his phone. He sexted her.

I fell asleep today, while sexting I've had a new low point that awkward moment when you have to Google what you were just sexted sexting with a guy.

He thinks I'm touching myself and getting off on it . I'M eating Lucky Charms and watching fresh prince on snapfuck.

I just taught my stepmom how to use Siri. I can hear her asking Siri to send sexts to my dad

Just sexted with a girl and in the middle of it she accidentally sent a picture of her dog totally killed the mood

I was sexting my ex-boyfriend tonight when I accidentally said I want you to Bend me over and spank me to my boss, Sarah, not looking forward to work tomorrow. 

I would just be on Trade Nudes and fail sexting im so bad

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