Sexting 101 - Sexting Can Be Healthy

How Sexting Can Be Healthy   Whether you’re sending a couple of naughty pictures, a steamy video or even a dirty text about what you want to do to them, sexting is completely... see more

Sexting 101: Our Guide

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Safety Tips For Sexting

If you ever felt like your sexual needs are being answered, then maybe it’s time you try sexting. It will open the door to a whole new sexual experience that you might not have known... see more

Sexting 101 Our Guide

WHAT IS SEXTING? Sexting is just another type of sexual communication.  It’s a way to flirt with your partner, to talk about what you like or what you want, to spice things up.... see more

How to Have Safe Sext Like a Pro

How good a sexting experience depends on how you approach it. It has to be carried along sensually in order to not be awkward and result in one side being shown an unsolicited image of a... see more